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*Welcome to the 2021 ASCS Conference The 15th Asian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists Conference


" A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. " Cosmetics and beauty have always helped human beings live healthier and happier lives. Therefore, for modern people, cosmetics are already a necessity of life rather than a luxury, and are very important to our lives. The ASCS conference held in Asia every two years is the most important seminar for the academic integration of cosmetics and beauty in the Asian region. It provides a good communication platform for experts, scholars and practitioners in related fields.
This year's conference is hosted by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Taiwan ( SCST ) in Taiwan, and the theme is Beauty never goes out of Fashion! However, due to the global new crown pneumonia epidemic ( COVID-19 ), the exchanges between countries have been restricted, and the cosmetics-related industries have also been greatly affected. In order to maintain exchange opportunities for people from various countries, we changed this meeting to an online mode.
Although you can’t get in touch directly at this conference, I hope you can communicate with each other's professionalism online, and hope that this will allow the Asian cosmetics industry to slow down the external impact and continue to develop. Everyone is welcome to participate again.

President of the 15th ASCS Conference Chi-Mei Ko  
SCST President Chih-Chien Lin  

About Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Taiwan ( SCST )

" Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Taiwan ( SCST ) ", formerly known as the Cosmetic Science and Technology Society of the Republic of China, has entered its 30th anniversary. It is planned and promoted by Professor Lai Zhen-xiu. It introduces the indicators of the cosmetics industry and demonstrates the vigorous development of the society. It wins international IFSCC ( Internatoinal Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists ) members and is Taiwan has a place in Taiwan. With the evolution of the times, the prosperity of technology and the growth of the cosmetics industry, Taiwan is a member of the International Asian Region, leading the industry and academia to embark on international exchanges and discover more infinite learning and growth. This association is the representative of Taiwan in Asia of the international organization IFSCC, promoting the cosmetics industry internationally. Organized many international cosmetics conferences in Asia, promoted the characteristics of Taiwan's industry, maintained friendship and exchanges with neighboring member countries, and followed up in the annual cosmetics event in Asia.
In 1988, it applied to join the IFSCC, a member country of Taiwan in Asia. In response to the exchange of information and international interaction, the cosmetics industry has provided relevant information and the pulse of globalization.


1. Combine information and activities in the cosmetics industry at home and abroad.
2. Promote the combined cultural characteristics of the society.
3. IFSCC's Taiwan area platform, international exchanges.
4. Promote the learning platform, and give play to industry-university cooperation and technological progress.

Development trend

IFSCC is the main guide to the international exchanges of the society and leads the attendance. It promotes and develops the advantages of Taiwan’s industry, government and academia, creating a new generation of "Taiwan Cosmetic Science and Technology Society". With the continuous promotion of cosmetic chemistry scholars and industry professionals, we look forward to Taiwan Cosmetics can keep pace with the international market.

About International Federation of Society of Cosmetic Chemist ( IFSCC )

The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists is a worldwide federation dedicated to international cooperation in cosmetic science and technology.

Interest in the formation of such an organisation crystallized in Paris in 1956 and culminated in the birth of the federation in Brussels, Belgium on September 8, 1959. At that time there were only 8 countries entering the Federation.

Today, 50 Societies representing 80 countries have met the high standards of scientific and educational qualifications of the IFSCC and, as members, support the organization’s aims and programs. The number of individual members in the Federation now exceeds 16,000 and we are still growing.

The IFSCC continues to grow as the cosmetic industry expands worldwide. As new Societies develop in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, they will be welcomed into the Federation as they qualify for membership.

The aims of the IFSCC are :

To advance cosmetic science.
To help to elevate the professional status of cosmetic science and technology worldwide by providing and promoting educational and scientific programmes and activities.
To encourage fundamental research work by universities and by independent workers in any and all fields that may add to the knowledge of cosmetic science.
To coordinate by correspondence, interchange of information and in other ways, the work and efforts of the autonomous member societies.
To cement relationships by reporting on activities in the various autonomous member societies.
To publish and publicise literature of a scientific and technical nature. To help research workers obtain from all lands information, literature, patents and other aids, as may be requested and as may be possible.
To exchange information on any standardised procedures that may be adopted with regard to analyses of raw materials or finished products, efficiency of products, etc., and to participate in any effort to adopt such procedures internationally.
To publicise within the member societies and in the technical and other press of the various countries, the activities of the societies of all lands.
To hold congresses, seminars and meetings on an international scale; to invite speakers from any country, whenever feasible and give publicity to all meetings well in advance.
To sponsor awards of an international character for outstanding achievement in research, publication, or other work on behalf of the cosmetic sciences.

Topic List

The theme for this Congress is “Beauty & Happiness: Pushing Boundaries”, and the following three categories have been created: “Cutting Edge Life Science”, “Future Formulation and Function”, and “Novel Concepts”.

Since ancient times, cosmetics have been used to fulfill the innate desire of humans to pursue beauty. Cosmetics have changed with the passage of time and continue to modify their existence while being closely linked to people’s livelihoods and cultures. For instance, typical cosmetics require the act of topical application. Nowadays, however, there are products that offer different values compared to previous products by combining them with items such as cosmetic devices.

Cosmetics continue to evolve to meet the diverse changing needs of customers over time by expanding technological horizons and by aiming to create new added value through integration of the latest technologies.

1. Cutting Edge Life Science

With a focus on skin and hair biology, this session will feature the latest insights into the fast-expanding field of life sciences, which includes imaging, genetic, and cellular technologies. With the advent of genome editing technology, hopes are high for being able to realize what used to be considered impossible, and the speed of progress in the field of life sciences keeps accelerating. The areas of latest research that give rise to the fast-evolving new findings emerging from these environments are covered in this section:

* Skin & hair biology
* Influence of external environment on skin & hair
* Safety / alternative methods
* Microbiome
2.Future Formulation and Function

This session will focus on integration of the latest technologies, technologies that are created through new points of views such as cosmetic formulation technologies, and the resulting high functionalities.
Cosmetics have continued to evolve in order to always meet the needs of customers. Lotions, emulsions, creams, and the latest cushion foundations and applicators have all been developed based on the perspectives of usability, texture, and stability. These formulation technologies have a positive effect by tapping into people’s five senses and give it emotional value. Furthermore, high functionality in this area is not only about improvements in functions but it also means comprehensive advancements in areas such as assessment technologies that support the evolved cosmetics and methods used in attractively presenting cosmetics. Future efforts that lead to beauty and happiness of customers as described above are covered in this section:

*Formulation technology ( including emulsification-, powder-, dispersion-, and surface modification-technologies )
*Skin care
*Sun care
*Color cosmetics
*Hair care
*Fragrance, packaging, and cosmetic devices
*Processing technology
*Advancement of analytical technologies

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